Kobi Garden Robot Trims Grass, Mulches Leaves, And Removes Snow


We’ve already seen robotic lawnmowers that autonomously keep your garden in tip-top shape. Kobi, however, is much more than that. Billed as an “all-season garden robot,” it’s rigged to capably mow grass, mulch leaves, and remove snow, giving you a hands-free way to maintain lawns and gardens all year round.

Just like indoor cleaning robots, the automaton will need to make a digital map of the area it will maintain.  As such, you’ll need to show it the physical parameters of your property, define the boundaries, and let it know all the fixed obstacles. From there, it will simply rely on that digital map, along with its GPS and safety sensors, to find its way around your place.


A proactive robot, Kobi can be programmed to perform daily maintenance in your property, so your grass will always be perfectly trimmed, with absolutely no leaves in sight. During snow season, it does the same thing, removing every small amount of snow it comes across, so there’s little chance you’ll wake up with a big pile of powder. It relies on real-time weather reports (it’s connected, after all) to know whether it’s snowing, too, so it can start removing powder all on its own.


During operation, it runs at speeds of up to 2 mph, with fully autonomous recharging, so it will find its own way to the docking station when needed. Do note, the amount of area it can cover will depend on the activity. As in, while it can maintain lawns up to 7 acres, it can only pick up leaves within a 3 acre range as well as remove snow within 0.37 acres. While that might be a concern for multi-millionaires who live in giant properties, we’re guessing that’s enough for most homeowners.

Kobi is currently in the consumer testing phase. When released, it will be priced at $3,999.

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