Koffski Holster Bags Make For Manliest Man-Bag In Town


A good few years after the term "man-bag" was first coined, we're still in a struggle to produce the definitive one.  Of course, it's a difficult road to traverse, with as many men deriding their use, as there are those swearing by their utility.  Will Koffski's fashionably macho holster bags be the one to do it?

Maybe not, but there's no denying the cleverness behind the stylish accessory.  Instead of a handbag for men, Koffski intentionally crafted the product to hang like a gun holster, letting you carry small items while simultaneously championing your male sensibilities.

Made from calf skin leather and clad in earth colors, the pistol-shaped bags bear no resemblance to any women's pouches in the market, making them particularly attractive to men who are put-off by the effeminate nature of man-bags.  It touts a large gun-shaped inside slot, along with an outside cell phone pocket, making it an ideal repository for usual carry-on items, including small gadgets, keys and spare change.


Koffski's real trick, however, lies in how you wear the bag.  While you can clutch it (with much difficulty) or hang it on a shoulder strap (like a girl), the company adds a couple of less emasculating options that mimic wearing a gun, namely hanging it using a shoulder strap (like a police detective) or securing it on your belt.  Take it from us - there's no better way to look like a metrosexual policeman out of Law and Order than this contraption.

Like other fashionable pieces of accessory, the Koffski holster bag veers a tad on the expensive side.  The high-market Koffski No. 1 (hardened and water-resistant) costs around $500, while the less-sophisticated Koffski No. 2 (no special finish) retails for around $290.  Straps are sold separately.

[Koffski via Wired]