Kohler Flipside Gives You Four Showerheads In One


While I wouldn’t label a $100+ handshower a “recession-friendly” upgrade for your bathroom, as Kohler did, there are plenty of merits to their newly released Flipside.  Unlike regular showerheads that only offer one type of stream, it offers four so you can relax under a gush of water however you want to.

Most shower stream solutions use filters to adjust the water flow.  The Kohler Flipside, on the other hand, uses four different openings.  To use one, simply flip the head like a coin and you’re done – no complicated adjustments and no additional installation.  Depending on what kind of shower you want to enjoy, you can use any of the following modes:

  • Koverage. The traditional shower stream designed for maximum cleansing facilitated by full-body water coverage.
  • Kotton. A single stream of thick and soft downpour, designed to caress your skin.
  • Komotion. A circular-pattern spray designed to offer a new sensation while refreshing the senses.
  • Kurrent. A focused stream of water intended to deliver a targeted and soft massage.

It is a brilliant way to implement a variety of streams – something you never really appreciate until you experience other forms of showers than the traditional drenching variety.  Whether the cool flipping feature is worth 100 bucks, though, may be something you need to check with your budget.