Kombo Tool Combines Four Fisherman Tools In One

You catch your own fish, kill it, gut it and prepare it for cooking all by your lonesome.  The Kombo Fish Tool won’t help you with the catching, but it will let you do the rest with just one contraption, so you can pack lighter the next time you venture to the lake to cast some bait.

Granted, you’ll still have to bring all your fishing gear with you, so you’re not going to lighten whatever you normally cram into your backpack and tackle box every time you come down to the water to reel a couple of swimmers in.  It does, however, let you leave a whole load of other stuff back home in favor of a single tool you can slide into a backpack pouch.

The Kombo Fish Tool consists of a fish bonker, a filet knife, a scooper and a sharpener bundled in a single, easy-to-use rig.   With just one tool, you can whack on the fish to kill it, use the pointed scooper to remove the animal’s guts, and work the knife to filet it for cooking later at camp.  The built-in sharpener lets you whet the filet blade when it dulls, along with any other knives you bring along for the adventure.

The bonker and the knife handle are made from high-grade plastic, while the blades are cut in stainless steel and the sharpener in brass.  Three brass plugs are integrated in the head to add serious weight when you use it to kill your catch with a strong whack.

You can get the Kombo Fish Tool directly from the official website, priced at $29.99.

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