Komodo Retro Adapter For The Wii Salvages Your 20-Year Old Controllers


It’s pretty awesome to have old-school Nintendo games available on the Wii.  Designed for a whole other console with a different controller, though, the experience is usually not as fun on a Wiimote as with the original set of controls.  Komodo’s Retro Adapter solves the problem, allowing you to plug in your NES, SNES and N64 controllers for more authentic retro-gaming sessions.

Clad in the shape of a scaled-down N64 console, the Retro Adapter fits into the GameCube controller port of Nintendo’s newest gaming machine.  It comes with one slot for each of the three pre-2000 consoles, supporting both first-party and third-party peripherals.  That means any old controller (even those from piss-poor copycat manufacturers) that you have managed to somehow keep on a box in the attic will work with your Wii.  Finally, you can congratulate yourself for not throwing all that plastic garbage away!

With so many new games available on the platform, though, you’ll have to be feeling pretty nostalgic in order to even want to play legacy titles.  I really have no idea why anyone will still be plenty enamored with them, regardless of how fun Blast Corps, Banjo-Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini used to be.  Despite my objections, however, the market for retro-gaming seems to thrive to no end.

The Komodo Retro Adapter will let you relive your childhood video game obsessions when it hits stores mid-June.

[via CNET]