Kooba Combines Darts And Board Games Into A New Toy


You confiscated your kids’ dartboard after your middle son got hit with one of the sharp missiles. And they’re clamoring for it to be returned. If you’re not convinced of their promise to be more careful with their succeeding games, you may just want to trade in the dart game for the Kooba instead.

It’s kind of like a dart game. Except, in place of pointed tips, it uses magnets to stick a projectile onto a board. And you don’t hurl the projectiles (called Aero, by the way) with your hands, either; instead, you launch them using a pair of sticks designed to send them soaring, which, we’re guessing, will require a little getting used to in order to get good at. Use the sticks correctly and the Aero flies off at surprisingly high speeds, before running smack into the board with a satisfying thud.


The best part of Kooba, though, are the game mechanics. Rather than simply using pure skills to score points like most dart games, it plays out like a board game, requiring the use of strategy in positioning your Aeros, attacking your opponents, and even blocking their path. Designed for two to four players, the set comes with one foldable board (for easy portability), a pair of launching sticks, three Aeros magnetic darts, and four markers (yep, markers, which work kind of like tokens in regular board games). It comes with a card listing rule sets for the official Kooba game, as well as two alternative games you can switch to just for kicks.


Available now, Kooba retails for $79.95.

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