Korg tinyPiano: A Toy Piano With Real Instrument Sound

Toy pianos for young children have been around for seemingly forever. Why do you think so many young children grow up to become hipster musicians with no health insurance when they grow up, after all? We kid, we kid. The Korg tinyPiano is a modern update on the popular toy, injecting it with a little more musical muscle under the lid.

At first glance, it looks like any of the toy pianos children have played with for the longest time. Having been made by a renowned manufacturer of professional keyboard instruments, however, they steer away from the plinking sounds of the toy pianos of old, delivering accurate pitch and true tone that should sound just as good as your piano dining table.

The Korg tinyPiano is a miniature instrument with a 25-note velocity-sensitive keyboard and a downright cute appearance. It comes with 25 built-in sounds (including piano, of course) that you can switch from, including marimbas, pipe organs, and steel drums, among others. Designed to double as a music box of sorts, it comes preloaded with a 50-song library that can be played over the onboard speakers (there’s also a headphone jack, in case you want to play with it and don’t want anyone else to find out). It powers via six AA batteries.

Dimensions are 15.08 × 10.16 × 11.10 inches, with a weight of 10.36 pounds, so you can bring it to any place in the house your kids want to do their best Lady Gaga on a piano impression. Four colors are available: black, red, pink and white.

Available now, the Korg tinyPiano retails for $249.99.

Check It Out via The Awesomer