Korkers Winter Boots Feature Interchangable Traction Soles

Don’t matter how grippy your winter boots are, every once in a while you’re bound to end up on a surface that just doesn’t match the traction.  While you can always switch to a different boot, carrying two extra pairs in your backpack all the time just isn’t a feasible idea.  These Korkers winter boots, which let you switch outsoles on the fly, offers a more workable solution.

Using the same OmniTrax 3.0 Interchangeable Sole System that the company uses in their fish wading boots, the winter footwear lets you change soles without having to remove the shoes.  You literally just raise your foot off the floor, peel the sole off and replace it with a different one.  The soles “plug” into the boot using tabs that lock into their corresponding slots when you step on the ground.

Korkers has three models of boots for winter use, namely IceJack, SnowJack and StormJack.  Features include waterproof construction, varying levels of 3M Thinsulate insulation (200 to 600 grams, depending on the model), Boa speed laces (only for the Icejack) and, of course, the interchangeable soles.  Each pair comes with two types of soles, Snowtrac and IceTrac — the former being a versatile sole for both indoor and outdoor use; the latter offering intensive outdoor traction using 16 carbide spikes.  For extreme ice conditions, the company offers the IceTrac Extreme as an optional order, which comes equipped with thick 7mm carbide traction studs.

The Korkers winter boots are available now, with pricing set at $200 for the Icejack, $160 for the Snowjack and $140 for the StormJack.