Kraft Heinz Remix Sauce Dispenser Can Mix Over 200 Different Flavors Of Dipping Sauce

Ketchup is nice, but fact is, a lot of people prefer mixing different condiments for their dipping sauces, which allows them to tailor the taste to their exact liking. Sure, some of those combos can be hit or miss, but it’s an easy way to expand your flavor possibilities while using the same condiments you already have in the shelf. The Kraft Heinz Remix is a sauce dispenser that allows you to do those custom combinations in restaurants and fast food shops.

Remember Coca-Cola’s Freestyle soda fountains that let you mix different fizzy drinks with just a few presses on a screen? It works the same way, except instead of choosing from a list of sugar-filled soda brands, you mix different condiments and flavor enhancers, which the machine then customizes before dispensing, so you don’t even have to mix them yourself.

The Kraft Heinz Remix consists of a commercial-grade tabletop appliance with a touchscreen display for selecting your personalized dipping sauce combo. According to the outfit, it offers over 200 potential sauce combinations, which should make it easier to find a flavor that properly tickles you taste buds. They offer some preset choices for popular sauce combinations, so you can try their recommendations with a single press, although the ability to put together your own sauce combo is what really makes it special.

It starts off with four base Heinz condiments, namely ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce, and steak sauce (57 Sauce), with the option (hopefully) to mix two or more bases, of course. From there, you can add any of the available enhances, namely jalapeno, smoky chipotle, buffalo, and mango. You can also specify the intensity level for each enhancer (low, medium, or high) for even greater customization. That means, you can finally eat out without having to make do with whatever sauce is served with your order, allowing you to freestyle your own dipping sauces just like you do when you have full access to your condiment stash at home.

The Kraft Heinz Remix is supposedly the first of its kind, which, we guess, is technically true. We mean, you can always mix and match various sauces at the condiment station of any restaurant you’re eating in (if they have one), although that would require you to mix the dipping sauce yourself.  This thing, on the other hand, precisely doles out each ingredient and mixes them before dumping onto your dipping tray, which makes it incredibly more convenient.

As you probably surmised, the selection of base sauces and flavor enhancers are quite limited for this phase of the product. That should help simplify things a bit, especially since this will be an initial launch, which can see them run into unforeseen snags. Kraft Heinz is currently showing off the appliance at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago to give the foodservice industry a first look at what it can do, with plans to pilot it with restaurant operators either later in the year or early next year.

You can learn more about the Kraft Heinz Remix from the link below.

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