Harper Just Might Be The Most Versatile Wall Storage System We’ve Ever Seen


We’re huge fans of modular storage systems for the home, allowing you to equip your space with the exact kinds of facilities you need. The Harper isn’t just modular and expandable, it’s infinitely flexible, allowing you to create tailored storage slots for even the most unusual items.

Described as a “suspension system for all,” it starts off as a board that mounts to the wall. Yes, just a board. Unlike ordinary boards, though, it comes with multiple holes where you can set up pegs to design the exact kind of storage unit you desire.


Harper consists of two sizes of boards (one long, one square), three different pegs (a long one, a short one, and an even shorter one designed to serve as a coat hook), two sizes of shelves (one long, one short), and two sizes of box shelves. How do you use it? Say, you want a place to hang your bicycle. What you do is, put two long pegs at just enough of a distance so you can hang the bike’s handlebars or frame from them – that’s it. You can add additional pegs along the same horizontal line if you think it needs more support for a heavy bicycle, too, as well as screw the pegs into the wall for an even stronger hold.   How about a shelf? Just place two pegs at a proper distance, then slip the ends of a shelf onto them. The process is, pretty much, the same for any storage facility you can think of – just use the pegs to serve as hooks and anchors, then add whatever is necessary to complete it.


Construction is plywood with oak veneer for the boards, solid oak wood for the pegs and box shelves, and powder-coated metal for the shelves. Oh yeah, if you need more storage, just mount another board and repeat the process.

Made by Kraft & Ulrich, the Harper is available now, both as individual parts and as pre-assembled sets. Price for the sets start at €185.


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