Krazy Beaver Super Shovel Comes With Sharp Teeth For Chomping On Clay And Ice

Shovels are extremely useful in the garden, apart from serving as a makeshift weapon in a time of need.  Only problem?  It looks about as intimidating as a wheelbarrow to strike enough fear at anyone intending to do you harm.  The Krazy Beaver Super Shovel changes that.

From the handle down to the shoulder, it looks just like every other shovel you can get from the hardware store, ready to dig deep into any pile of dirt.  Unlike ordinary digging tools, though, the cutting edge comes with sharp teeth that make it look like a savage mutation of the erstwhile gardening staple, ready to gnaw at any rabid beast that comes charging your way.

More than serving as an intimidating element, the Krazy Beaver Super Shovel’s monster-like sharp teeth actually serves to give it extra cutting power.  Reinforced to prevent bending and breaking, the teeth will allow it to dig easily into ice and clay (and maybe even zombie heads, when necessary), all while working just as well in traditional digging situations.  The head, which measures 11.5 x 8.5 inches wide, is made from heavy-duty 13-gauge tempered steel that’s heat-treated, sandblasted, and powder-coated on both sides.

Designed for portable use, the shovel can be broken up into three parts and stored in a 20-inch duffel bag.  It features a fiberglass handle, a 14-inch shaft with fiberglass reinforcing core, a solid all-polymer D-grip, and lock pins that hold all three parts tightly together.

Available in red or silver blades, the Krazy Beaver Super Shovel retails for $89.99.

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