Automaxx Klamp Boasts Auto-Adjust Technology

If you spend a lot of time in the workshop, locking clamps should be part of your toolset.  How else are you going to keep those slabs of wood in place when your hands are busy hammering, warhammering and otherwise doing whatever you do in the shed?  And while there’s a healthy selection of clamping tools in the market, we’re really quite impressed with these Automaxx Klamps.

Made by Kreg Tool, these clamps come with auto-adjusting technology that allows it to hold tightly onto items of any thickness.  Well, of a reasonable thickness anyway — we doubt this can get around Incredible Hulk’s gargantuan legs or anything of the sort.  The slabs of wood you work with in the shop, though, should be no problem.

Automaxx Klamps come in two variants: a standalone face clamp and a bench-mounted clamp, both available in either 3- or 6-inch versions.  The big selling point here is the adjustability, allowing it to adapt on the fly to the thickness of any wood you clamp onto without having to manually adjust any knobs or dials.  Aside from that, it also lets you alter the clamping pressure (from light to tight and vice versa), by simply turning the thumbscrew on the inside of the handle.  Features include heavy-duty metal construction for durability, large clamp paddings that spread pressure evenly, and ergonomic padded grips.

The bench-mounted version is designed to work with a Kreg Klamp Plate, which you affix onto a work table for hands-free, 360-degree clamping use.  If you need a bench clamp on multiple tables, just install individual plates on each of them and bring the clamps onto whichever desk you’re working on.

The Kreg Tool Automaxx Klamps will be available in June, with prices starting at $29.99.

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