Kuberg Freerider: This Electric Dirt Bike Can Run 34Mph While Weighing Just 79 Pounds


Electric bikes aren’t exactly in short supply, with the market seeing everything from pedal-assist bicycles to 50+mph speedsters that push the limit of what electric drivetrains can do on two wheels. The Kuberg Freerider sets itself apart by bringing a perfect mix of speed and convenience.

An electric dirt bike, it can travel at speeds of up to 34 mph, all while weighing a measly 79 pounds, making it relatively easy to pick up on your own for loading onto the back of a truck. Basically, you get a bike you can take out on joyrides at satisfying speeds without having to put up with the usual heft found in full-fledged motorcycles.


The Kuberg Freerider’s 34 mph top speed comes courtesy of a 48-volt motor that produces 11 horsepower and a 22 Ah battery that can keep you riding at the same maxed out pace for up to one hour. A double-cradle steel tube frame ensures it will perform durably whether on the road or on the trail, with Manitou Dorado Expert front fork (seven inches of travel) and DNM rear shocks (four-system damping) providing the support you need to ride through more difficult terrain. Features include a 34.5-inch seat height, 203mm disc brakes, and 20-inch Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires. An optional dongle that you plug on the bike will allow it to communicate with an accompanying smartphone app, allowing you to monitor battery level, speed, and torque, as well as electronically limit both speed and torque, directly from a smartphone.


Pricing for the Kuberg Freerider starts at $3,999.

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