This Balance Board Can Pack Down Into A Compact Roll For Easy Transport


Balance boards are excellent at improving core strength, physical balance, and overall fitness. They’re great to have around as a way to get a little exercise when traveling, if only they didn’t take up so much room in your luggage. With the Kumo Board, they don’t have to.

An inflatable balance board, the darn thing can collapse into a compact roll that should take up way less space in a bag compared to conventional balance boards. Just bring a compact inflation pump along and you’ll be well-equipped to do some balance exercises in whatever hotel, Airbnb rental, or dump of a motel you’re staying in.


The Kumo Board consists of a wide board, a roller, and a cushion, all of which can be inflated using a standard bike pump or an electric air pump. To use, simply fill up the board until its stiff, then do the same to the roller and the cushion. For all three, you can vary the level of inflation to adjust the level of difficulty, allowing you to match it to your existing skill levels. The board comes with a built-in curve to promote rocking from side-to-side even without a roller or cushion underneath.


For packing, you can roll up the pump inside the board, so all your equipment sits snug in one place. Integrated Velcro straps allow you to secure everything once you roll them up in a bunch, with an integrated carry handle for convenient transport.

The Kumo Board is slated to launch next month.

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