Kusshi Ultimate Makeup Bag Lets You Keep Your Beauty Game On Point All Day


How much makeup do you need to bring when you leave home for a day out? We don’t know. If you’re the type to bring as much as your bag will accommodate, however, then you’ll probably appreciate the Kusshi, a compact organizer for packing a good load of makeup supplies on the go.

Billed as “the ultimate makeup bag,” it lets you carry all the makeup you need to stay looking on point throughout the course of the day, all while being small enough to fit inside many purses and handbags. Whether you’re going to the office, hitting the town with the girls, or jetting out of state, this thing lets you bring a good load of beauty essentials without taking up too much space.


Kusshi consists of three parts: a makeup bag that can lay flat for easy access, a brush organizer with 11 pockets (each one sized to hold brushes, sticks, and liners), and a cover. Both the makeup bag and the brush organizer can be used on their own, with the cover serving as a snap-on exterior for the organizer during individual use. When used together, though, you can leave the cover at home, then simply snap the organizer to the inside of the bag to keep everything inside the tidy bundle. Features include fully-washable components, two interior pockets on the bag (one mesh, one zippered), and an extra pocket on the inside of the cover (sized to hold a smartphone).


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund Kusshi. Pledges to reserve a full set starts at $99.

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