La Bolleur Twists Giant Balloons Into Animal Shapes

Even giants need to entertain their kids, too.  This is one of the ways they do it: Giant Balloon Animals.

Created by La Bolleur, it’s the latest project from the Dutch design collective.  They’re  building it for exhibition at the Eindhoven City center, at the prodding (we assume) of overlord giants who threatened to step on them if they ignored the request.  Hey, I’d do it, too, if I was in their shoes – you don’t just go around pissing off giants who can build balloon animals that big.

The Giant Balloon Animals start out life as massive tube balloons, which the crew inflate using their puny human lungs (on second thought, maybe they used an air pump).  They twist and tie the balloons into different shapes using their puny human arms, turning up what’s supposed to be a red dog, a zebra and a blue horsie.

La Bolleur’s oversized balloon pets will be a part of the team’s 5th year anniversary celebrations during the upcoming Dutch Design Week.  They will be running the exhibit from October 23 to 31, along with a live jazz opening, a ping pong club tournament and other presumably fun shit.  Fun, that is, before the giants come down from their beanstalks and begin destroying everything.

[La Bolleur via Core77]