La Fonction No 1 Bag Transforms Into Semi-Private Mobile Office

Working on the road is easier than ever.  Between ultralight laptops, portable backup power, and constantly available wireless connectivity, people can literally get stuff done for days without ever seeing a conventional office.  Still, we feel having a semi-private portable workspace is something everyone can appreciate.  That’s exactly what La Fonction No 1 brings to modern nomads of the world.

An erstwhile stylish but normal-looking laptop bag, the entire thing can unfold into a mobile cubicle of sorts, surrounding your laptop with tiny walls to give it a little privacy.  It also adds a soft rest on the bottom that should be gentler on your wrists than table surfaces, along with a series of storage pouches on the inner side of the privacy flaps.

The La Fonction No 1 is constructed with leather, textile lining, and Italian fabrics, making for a classy accessory befitting stylish modern nomads.  It can hold a 15-inch computer, with varying-sized integrated pouches to hold all sorts of gear and a detachable external pocket.  Each one is handmade at a workshop in Cevennes, so it’s premium in both material and construction.

Seriously, the La Fonction No 1 is the prettiest solution of its kind I’ve ever seen.  Retailing at €840, though, it’s also seriously expensive, so we guess only wealthy stylish modern nomads need apply.

Check It Out via blessthisstuff