You Can Move The Action Figures Inside This Labyrinth Table Using Magnetic Knobs At The Bottom


Chances are, the Labyrinth Table isn’t the first table to be designed to look like a maze. What makes it special, though, are the small action figures inside (they look like classic army men of sorts), whose movement through the maze can be directed using handles at the bottom of the furnishing, making for a fun game that doesn’t require staring into another rectangular digital display in order to play.

Designed by Benjamin Nordsmark, the coffee table houses quite an elaborate labyrinth, with multiple pathways all leading to a big room in the middle. Bring all the action figures into that center chamber and watch them duke it out in a modern reenactment of Bloodsport. Well, that’s what we’re hoping will happen anyway, although we won’t mind if they just stood there, as we celebrate our success at leading each one into finding all its companions. Or something like that.


To ensure durability, the Labyrinth Table is actually constructed from steel that’s been covered up with a 5mm-thick maple wood to make it easier to fit into any existing interior. Laid over the maze is a diamant glass top, giving it exceptional clarity, so you can enjoy the elaborate view underneath. How do the action figures move? No word on what they’re made of, but we’re assuming they have a steel plate at the base, allowing them to follow the knob whichever direction it takes them. And, yes, you can totally put micro-sized RC cars on there to race. Sure, it’s going to look goofy with the darn things hitting wall every few seconds, but that definitely sounds fun.


Check out Nordsmark’s website to learn more about the Labyrinth Table.


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