Stroll Around with Laceless Nike Phantom React Flyknit

We as a species are becoming lot more health conscious. With more and more people being employed in the service sector where long hours of smart work is the norm, obesity is a significant issue cropping up. To fight this, people have taken to jogging or running to keep up their fitness levels. Running is a sport which requires almost no expensive equipment. The best thing about running? You can run anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is stash your shoes and outfit somewhere handy. Maybe keep a bag in your car or your workplace. Running is only fun if the shoes are the right fit. Imagine running in shoes which are too tight or do not offer support for the sole.

Laceless Nike Phantom Flyknit

Nike came up with the React range of shoes some time back. These shoes were designed to offer optimum comfort for the wearer. It had lots of foam cushioning and yet was light at the same time. The company has come up with a unique Flyknit material for this range of shoes. These shoes have used a combination of React and Flyknit material. This makes the wearer feel as if he is running on soft cushions. Now, who wouldn’t want to do a bit of running every day if such shoes were available in the market?

Nike Phantom React Flyknit Shoe

Imagine if you didn’t have to go through the hassle of tying the shoelaces before every run. It is frustrating to get the laces tied at the optimum level – not too tight and not too loose. A lot of times, when we are focused on running, these shoelaces become undone, and by the time we are done retying it, the mood of the run just vanishes. Nike has come up with a new range of shoes to deal with just this problem.

The new range of shoes from Nike has all the features of the React range and additionally offers a laceless option for the users.  The shoes come with engineered yarn designed to fit the wearer’s feet snugly.  The elastic Flyknit ensures movability and mobility. The wearer can quickly move the foot while running without any issues. To provide a stable structure to the shoe, non-elastic Flyknit material is used.  The shoes come with a React foam midsole to provide optimum comfort.

Nike Phantom Shoes

The new line of shoes from Nike are aptly called Phantom React Flyknit. It is not just the factor of time-saving by not having to tie the traditional shoe laces but rather the snug fit offered by the shoes are too good to pass up. The best part? These shoes are launched in a peppy purple shade which is sure to act as a mood booster to the wearer. From amateurs who have just started running to people who run daily, this new range of shoes from Nike is a must try. The feather-like comfort and snug fit along with the laceless style is something hard to resist for all the running enthusiasts.

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