Lacie’s Newest Dock Lets You Add Up To 120TB Of Storage To Your Laptop


Some people are fine working with nothing but the built-in drives on their laptops. Others need an extra terabyte or two hooked up on a constant basis. The Lacie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 is for a third type of user – the kind who needs access to massive, high-speed storage on the fly.

Billed as a docking station that “gives back everything that modern laptops took away,” the big and burly box gives you tons of storage and a plethora of ports, essentially ensuring your laptop is ready for desktop-quality workflows. From using wired peripherals and memory cards to caching large files during editing, this thing is designed to deliver without a hitch.

The Lacie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 comes with two 3.5-inch drive bays that can be outfitted with a total of 12TB, 16TB, or 20TB of storage. It uses Seagate’s 7200-RPM IronWolf Pro HDDs, with a thermos-regulated Noctua cooling fan and a heat-dissipating aluminum enclosure providing the necessary cooling. A single Thunderbolt 3 cable is all you need to hook it up to a laptop, with the option for daisy-chaining up to six docks using just a single connection, essentially expanding the capacity to 120TB when fully maxed out.

As for the ports, it comes with USB 3, USB 3.1 DisplayPort, SD, and CF. If you’re curious about performance, Lacie claims you can transfer an hour of video footage from a laptop drive to the dock (or vice versa) in just 60 seconds.

No pricing has been announced, but the Lacie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 will come out in the summer.

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