LaCie MosKeyto Is An Ultra-Small USB Drive

Do you find it annoying having to pack up the thumbdrives every time you put the laptop back in the bag?  You don’t have to with the LaCie MosKeyto, which sticks out a mere 6mm out of the side of your laptop.

Designed as a “plug it and forget it” accessory, it lies flush against the edge of any device it’s plugged into.  That means, there’s no chance either the peripheral storage or the port will be damaged when you slip it inside your bag or sleeve.  Heck, the flash drive won’t even pop off the slot when you bump or knock into the stub.

The LaCie MosKeyto measures less than 20mm long and weighs an extremely light 10 grams.  At this size, leaving the stick on the computer is actually the only option.  Regular thumbdrives are easy enough to lose – this one’s just begging to be misplaced.

It comes in two storage capacities (4GB and 8GB), with a 16GB model reportedly on the way.  Each one includes a free account for Wuala, LaCie’s cloud-based backup service, with reserved storage equivalent to the size of your USB drive.

Pricing for the 4GB and 8GB LaCie MosKeyto are $17.99 and $27.99, respectively.  You can learn more about them from the company’s website.

[LaCie via Technabob]