Lacoste Alligator Lace Gives New Meaning To Logo Shirts


Alligators are the only animals I love more than my retarded dog.  In fact, if one ever wandered into the house, I’ll be tempted to feed the mutt to the reptile just to make it stay.  So imagine my joy when I saw the new Lacoste and Campagna Brothers collaboration, the Alligator Lace, which creates an entire shirt out of nothing but Lacoste’s embroidered alligator logo.  For real.

You know that small, iconic Lacoste emblem that goes into the overpriced French shirts in your preppy friend’s wardrobe?  Yep, that’s the one.  Well, Fernando and Humberto Campana collated thousands of that and handed them off to a women’s collective, who then sew them together into a fishnet-style shirt.  Well, it’s not exactly a fishnet, but you’ll be welcoming the cool breeze with all those uncovered areas.


The Alligator Lace is hand-sewn by the Coopa Roca Women’s Cooperative in Rocinha, Brazil, an organization that seeks to find home-based employment for 150 of the community’s female residents.  Considering how many of these things they had to stitch together, it sounds like a good lot of them were able to put in at least a day’s work.


Only a total of 24 of the logo-only shirts are available, twelve each for the men’s design (top photo) and the women’s (the photo right above).   Each is built entirely out of 100% cotton and comes in a leather packaging.  Honestly, I have a feeling this thing can rip since that hand-stitching doesn’t look all that tough.  I’ll never know, though, since there’s no way I’m paying $7,500 for the men’s version or $5,000 for the ladies’.  We’re not sure how the pricing decision was reached, but charging a dollar for each alligator does make some sense.

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