Ladies Love The 8-Feet Tall Optimus Prime Sculpture

In our robot overlord future, they’re going to erect 1,000-foot statues of Megatron and Optimus Prime as inspiration for the robotic masses to cherish and honor. Those are going to look awesome. For now, you can practice kneeling in front of your mechanoid masters with this Optimus Prime statue from Robosteel.

Proof that the moviestars get all the girls: Optimus Prime hamming it up with the ladies. Before they made a Transformers movie, the only people bothering to pose with sculptures of Starscream and Jazz are unbathed geeks at comic conventions. Now, all these cool robots get hot chicks. Well, all except Bumblebee, if you know what I mean. I think he swings the other way.

Standing over eight feet tall, the Robosteel Optimus Prime sculpture is a beauty to behold. Possibly the most detailed Transformers robot ever built, it combines salvaged parts from cars, boats, dishwashers, bikes, TVs and other sources. Expertly welded and crafted, it involves over 5,000 different recycled parts, all polished, with sharp edges removed (so the ladies can hug ’em). It comes coated with multiple layers of strong lacquer so it lives to see the day when the robots take over.

While it’s not life-sized (I swear I’ve seen the real Optimus, he is huge) and can’t transform, it’s hard to deny just how awesome the whole thing is. Robosteel is selling the piece for €5,500.

[Robosteel via Gizmowatch]