Lady Gaga’s Brass Orb Headwear On Sale

Putting together a Lady Gaga costume? You may not have the tush to pull off one of those tawdry, skimpy outfits, but you can look like the outrageous singer from the neck up with this ridiculous, head-worn orb that the wackily-decorated popstar rocked on a photo shoot for Sebastian Faena.

Created by Nasir Mahar, the headwear was first seen on Gaga’s skull in the Fall 2009 issue of V Magazine. It’s like a smaller version of the full-body orb that you’ve probably seen her wear on stage, complete with an entire party of spinning orbits rotating all over her face and cranium.

The Orb is a 3.5 x 15.75 x 15.75 inch accessory with a brass frame that fits around your head like a headband. It has five individual brass rings of different sizes, each of which moves around on individual pivots, turning your head into a veritable science project.

With this thing moving across your face, you can pair it with any outfit (may I suggest the Zipper Dress or the Teddy Bear Coat) and people will immediately know you’re trying to dress like Lady Gaga. Either that, or they’ll think you’re costumed up as a comic book villain with orbits of steel on your face. I don’t know any actual character who looks like that, but I’m sure you can make up one, like Orbit Face or Doctor Dizzy or something.

The one-of-a-kind Lady Gaga brass Orb is available from ShowStudio, priced at £30,000 (about $45,000). Apparently, dressing up to look like a crazy person is really, really expensive.

[Show Studio via High Snobette]