Lagomorph Bike Sports A Furniture-Inspired Wooden Frame

What happens when you ask a furniture-maker to build a bike?  In the case of the Lagomorph, the pedal-driven vehicle ended up with a wooden frame bearing a structural design that’s similar to a chair.

Created by Seth Deysach, the two-wheeled mechanical ride steers clear of the usual approach people take when building wooden bikes.  Instead of attempting to mimic the look and construction of conventional steel (or carbon fiber) frames, he decided to treat it like an entirely new design so that the resulting structure actually made sense for the wooden materials.

The Lagomorph uses black walnut for the frame, fork and stem, with each component jointed, glued and fastened in such a manner “just like a chair would be.”  Seatpost, saddle, drive and steering system uses more conventional store-bought items, though, including parts from White Industries (crank set, freewheel, steel bottom bracket and pedals), Shimano (rust-free hollow pin chain), Mavic (rims) and more.

Granted, this is nowhere near as eye-popping as Xylon’s ornate wooden bike frames, but the simplicity does lend it an elegant appeal.  While originally made as a one-off for last year’s Object Society design show, enough people have expressed interest that Seth is offering to custom-build both complete bikes or individual wooden parts.

If you just want the wooden frame, you get it for $2,500, while the fork and stem set goes for $1,000.  A complete Lagomorph build starts at $6,000, with requests for customizations likely setting you back even further.  Turnaround time between order and delivery is 12 weeks.

[Lagomorph Design]