These Rocket Scientist Designed Flare Pans Can Cook Food 44 Percent Faster


Want to cut down your cooking time?  Trade in whatever pots and pans you’re using with Lakeland’s Flare Pans, which use a unique flared design that distributes heat much better than any conventional cookware.

Developed by Lakeland in conjunction with a real rocket scientist, the scientific saucepans feature high-performance fins that take the heat from the flame at the bottom of the pan, then channels it across the whole base and up the sides.  This allows the cookware to not just heat faster, but evenly heat the entire vessel in a very efficient manner.

Because the Flare Pan can heat faster, they also cook very fast, finishing meals at a rate 44 percent faster than standard pans when placed over a conventional gas cooktop.  Since the whole thing heats evenly, your food cooks consistently the entire time,  so there’s no chance any of the food will end up burned and caked into the bottom of the pan.  Construction is cast aluminum for the main container, with the fins and handles cut in stainless steel.  It’s suitable for use in gas, electric, ceramic and halogen hobs, as well as in ovens up to 205 °C.

The Lakeland Flare Pan comes in three variants: a 20 cm saucepan, a 24 cm lidded stockpot, and 25 cm frying pan.  You can get the whole set for £149.99.

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