Lamborghini Academy: Get Skills


I’ve driven a couple of sports cars back when I was doing a lot of business trips for a software company.  Since they let us get whatever rental we wanted on their dime, I always ended up running around with one sports car  after another.  The problem with these muscled machines is that no amount of driving in my Toyota ever prepared me for their ultra-responsive performance and gut-wrenching power.  As such, I don’t think I ever really drove any of those things to their true potential.  I tried drifting once and I nearly killed myself.

If you fancy yourself owning a Lambo some time in the future, it’s always best to pick up the proper skills to make the most out of all its power.  Lucky for you, all you need is an additional $4,500 to learn straight from the source.


The Lamborghini Academy is a driving school run and operated by the automaker itself.  It’s an entry-level course where clueless Lambo owners and sports car enthusiasts gather to train in the basics of real-world racing.   For that price, you get free accommodations, two days of practice time on the tracks at Vallelunga and Adria Raceway, professional tutelage and use of a Gallardo LP 560-4.

All classes include complete lectures on technical and safety aspects of driving a Lambo, followed by hands-on exercises to practice handling and performance. For more experienced drivers, they’re offering an advanced class and a winter class (drifting on ice, man), where you can further your skills using a Murciélago LP 640.  As with any racing class, nervous drivers probably need not apply.

[Lamborghini Academy via Uncrate]