A Lamborghini Hard Drive For Your Lamborghini Notebook

Running low on space in your overpriced Lamborghini VX6 or VX7 computer?  Well, you’re in luck, since Asus just released a new supercar-inspired accessory to handle just that: the Lamborghini External HDD.

Like the notebooks, the USB-connected storage comes in a housing clad in eye-catching Lambo-styled lines.  I mean, look at that picture — it looks ready to race right out of your desk and into the lush countryside.

The Lamborghini External HDD comes in either 500GB or 700GB versions, tethered to either a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connector.   In the USB 2.0 model,  the 2.5-inch disk platters spin at 5,400 rpm; for the USB 3.0, the speed goes up to 7,200 RPM.  All drives come with FlexSave, Asus’ GUI-drenched software for managing the backup and storage of your files.

Case dimensions are 5.33 x 3.13 x 0.7 inches, with that cannot-miss Lamborghini logo slapped right on the hood.  They’re available in a shiny finish of either black or white (yep, no red — booo).

External hard drives are cheap.  But this is a Lamborghini External HDD, so you know the rules don’t apply.  The USB 2.0 versions will retail at $120 for the 500GB and $140 for the 700GB (about twice the price of regular drives).  No word on pricing for the USB 3.0 models.

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