Need Light? This Adorable Lampster To The Rescue


Whether you’re fixing pipes under the sink, working on a car engine in the garage, or sketching a product idea on your desk, it’s not uncommon to occasionally need just a little more light. And while you can use any task light to get that done, using the Lampster just seems so much more entertaining.

Why? Because the darn thing looks like an anthropomorphic robot with a giant headlight for a noggin that has come to your rescue. With a head that can be rotated a full 360-degrees and tilted up or down, it makes for a perfectly functional task light, too, allowing you to clearly see whatever it is your working on, whether in the basement, the garage, or the secret dungeon you didn’t know existed under your house.


Lampster uses an actual tractor headlight for the robo-lamp’s head, with two light sources inside – one that throws out a focused light beam (perfect for use as a task light) and another that creates diffused illumination (perfect for ambient lighting at home), with the option to switch on both for maximum illumination. You can activate the focused light and adjust its intensity by simply touching the lamp’s head, while the ambient option can be adjusted in both color and intensity via an accompanying app. It measures 18 inches tall.


Features include water-resistant construction (you can use it at workshops and outdoors), two layers of paint with another two layers of clear coating to ensure sturdy finish, a tangle-free, textile-reinforced power cord, and rubber foot pads to ensure it doesn’t scratch your furniture. Construction is steel and industrial-grade glass for the head, polished aluminum for the neck, and high-density polyethylene for the body.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Lampster. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $149.

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