There’s An Official Land Rover Defender Pedal Car For Off-Roading Rich Kids


There’s no sensible reason to buy your children a kiddie car that costs £10,000. That said, we’re pretty sure there are enough billionaires and near-billionaires in the world who are willing to part with that money to get their kids a Land Rover Defender Pedal Car. That’s right, it’s a kiddie-sized Defender that your little off-roaders can pedal around the neighborhood.

Unlike most replica ride-ons and pedal cars, this one is actually built by Land Rover, who are producing it as a special collectible to celebrate the line, which is expected to wrap up final production early next year. Like the actual off-roaders, the kiddie cars will be hand-built in Solihull, too, so it gets the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as the full-sized Defenders.


The Land Rover Defender Pedal Car is built to scale, so there should be many characteristics familiar to owners of the off-road ride. More specifically, it gets a rugged, rolled-edge aluminum body to survive the hazards of the neighborhood, a protective checker plate along the sides, cylindrical running bars, mudflaps, and even off-road tires, all in a body clad in a Land Rover Loire Blue finish. The drive assembly allows both forwards and backwards pedaling, so your kid can back up to get out of a tight spot, with a spring suspension providing a smooth ride while driving over potholes on the road. It even comes with working brakes and a parking brake.


Inside, it features a fully-decked cabin, with an authentically-styled dashboard, leather-finished seats, and a leather-finished steering wheel. It even has working horns and a rear stowage section with a cover, so kids can haul their toys to a friend’s house in style.


Want one “for your kids”? The Land Rover Defender Pedal Car comes out in the spring of next year.

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