Lap Skate Guitar Turns A Skate Deck Into A Real Musical Instrument


We’ve seen skateboard decks turned into many things, from side tables to office chairs to a detachable backrest. The Lap Skate Guitar, though, takes it a whole other level, converting a deck into a functional steel lap guitar.

Made by Stereotank, it’s a real, playable steel lap guitar that uses an erstwhile standard skateboard deck for its body. We’re not entirely sure how well the sound stands up to a real lap guitar, but the music they played in the demo sure sounded all manners of legit. I mean, if there’s a skate country/bluegrass band out there, I think we just found your signature instrument.


The Lap Skate Guitar combines a blank wooden skate deck with actual guitar components, allowing it to function as an actual musical instrument. It’s rigged like an actual guitar, with a bridge holding the six strings on one end, as well as a lock nut and a full set of tuning pegs on the other. It comes with an integrated pickup, a tremolo, a volume knob, an etched fretboard, and an output jack at the far end for hooking up with your favorite amp.


Other than the tuning pegs on one end, the deck, pretty much, retains its original silhouette, so this thing should be just as easy to transport as an actual skateboard. Now, if they can only find a way to make it rideable while also playable, life will be complete. Just kidding, the empty void will still exist, but we’ll be so much more entertained.

You can learn more about the Lap Skate Guitar directly from Stereotank.

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