Laptop Case Against Crime “Newspaper” Bag Hides Your Laptop From Thieving Eyes


Thieves suck.  Forget to take your laptop out of the backseat one time and it’ll be fetched by the time you get back.  The Laptop Case Against Crime is a bag for your notebook that’s designed to camouflage it as a folded newspaper.  Hidden inside one, no one’s even going to give it a second look.

With a name like Laptop Case Against Crime, I would have expected something more aggressive than a case that plays possum (like, one that burns thieves when they touch it or something).  Regardless, it should prove an effective deterrent in most cases.  Who’s even going to bother breaking into a car with a newspaper in the backseat, when a couple others in the lot are probably rocking a cell phone or an exposed laptop?

Measuring 35 x 28 x 5 centimeters, the stealthy receptacle comes in handbag form.  It’s made out of plastic fabric, clad in full-color newspaper-style prints.  It includes a removable carrying chain (if you prefer slinging it on your shoulder, rather than tucking under your arm) and is sealed with a ziplock fastener.

It’s available as five different newspaper designs (Le Pais, La Vanguardia, La Grettezza dello Sport, Herold Tribune and Frankfurten Allgemeine), all of them European publications.  Of course, you probably lose some style points while you carry them around – who the heck roams about town with an old newspaper in his arm?  Still, that sounds way better than having your laptop as the target of unscrupulous desires, isn’t it?

The Laptop Case Against Crime is available from the Mitemite Unnecessary Objects Lab for 60 Euros each.

[Mitemite via Red Ferret]