Supersize Your Favorite Minifigs With This 12-Inch Wooden Version


LEGO minifigs are cute and all, but the tiny proportions make them less worthy of being shown off. I mean, at their size, they’re more likely to be ignored than actually draw any attention while sitting on the display shelf. So why not make supersized minifigs? That’s exactly what they did with this Large Wooden LEGO Minifig.

No, it’s not an official LEGO product. Instead, the custom action figure is handcrafted by Etsy seller, More Cows Than People, who sculpts the supersized minifig from natural wood. Because of the wooden finish, this thing can make for a beautiful display piece on its own, although you can always paint it to resemble your favorite LEGO minifig characters.


The Large Wooden LEGO Minifig measures 12 inches tall, so it’s around the same size as the rest of your 1:6-scale action figures, allowing you to battle it with the Fantastic Four’s Thing to determine the true brick champion of the world. Or something like that. It’s articulated exactly the same way LEGO’s minifigs are, so you can move its legs, arms, and hands in a variety of poses. You can get it either in cherry or maple wood, with both sporting a hand-rubbed finish of citris, carnuba, and beeswax.


A perfect gift for the LEGO fanatic, the Large Wooden LEGO Minifig is priced at $495.

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