Laser Guided Pizza Cutter, Yes It Exists Now. You Got A Problem With That?

We’ve long maintained that everything is better with lasers.  From TVs to beard clippers to your iPhone, it steps up the awesomeness by a factor of infinity.  So when you want to have the greatest tool ever invented for slicing pies baked off your Pizzeria Pronto, there’s nothing greater than this Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter.  And it’s all because of lasers.

Styled to look like a military scope or weapon of sorts, it’s a downright ugly pizza cutter.  Seriously.  Get past the lack of imaginative aesthetics, however and you can enjoy perfectly-sliced pizzas made possible by an ever-present laser guide, showing you the exact cutting line for picture-perfect straight edges.

The Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter uses a detachable laser scope that attaches to the cutter using built-in Picatinny rails.  That means, you can take out the laser and put it in your Andromeda Tactical Light to add lasers to that space robot of a desk lamp, as well as put it on actual rifle with a compatible  rail system for whatever entertainment that serves.  The scope isn’t limited to putting out a Class II laser pointer, either, as it can be switched to flashlight mode (or combo laser+flashlight) for illuminated pizza cutting in the dark.

Construction is zinc alloy for the body, with the 3.5-inch blade cut in stainless steel.  With the scope attached, the entire thing measures 8.5 x 6 inches (l x h).

Thinkgeek has the Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter available now, priced at $29.99.

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