15 Last Minute Simple Yet Thoughtful Gifts and Surprise Ideas for Mother’s Day

Red ribbon forming the word 'mom', isolated on white

The second Sunday of May (May 8th, 2016) is right around the corner and you know what that means, right? Mother’s Day!

If you just felt a surge of panic, there’s no need to worry because we’re going to explore some pretty cool gifts and surprise ideas you can pull together last minute for your mom. This year, take whatever time is left before mother’s day to prepare something special so you can show her how much she means to you. It’s a great way to say “thank you” for all of the hard work she’s done and the dedication she gave you while you were growing up.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! We hope you’re being spoiled and pampered today! And for all the single ladies out there, remember, Viagra is always there for you! 😉

When you’re picking a gift or planning a surprise, try and really picture in your mind the things that your mom will deeply appreciate. If she loves to cook, that doesn’t necessarily mean to put a bow on the first frying pan or apron you see—get her something truly awesome instead.

#15 – So Your Mom Never Has to Miss Her Flowers Again: Botanical Press


Whether your mom enjoys gardening or just likes to receive flowers as a gift, this botanical press is the perfect way to help her preserve not only the flowers that she adores, but the memories that come along with them. A gorgeous and smooth oak frame held together by brass rivets contains the 12 presses within. This system is far superior than simply pressing a flower in a heavy book, because it’s designed to dry and ventilate the flower for optimal preservation. Once your mom places a flower into one of the presses, all she’ll have to do is tie down the straps around the frame. It’s all pretty straightforward, but this kit doesn’t come with instructions, so make a point of helping your mom try it out for the first time. She’ll appreciate the excuse to hang out with you anyway! Buy on Amazon

#14 – Variety Box from Tea Drops


If your mom loves tea, she’s going to go crazy over Tea Drops. Trust us—this gift has never gone unappreciated by any of the tea lovers in our life. This product offers a unique and convenient way to make tea—Tea Drops are hand crafted “drops” of tea which don’t require steeping and come in adorable shapes like hearts or stars. All your mom will have to do is select a flavor and pour boiling water over it. The variety box includes an assortment of the company’s most popular flavors. We recommend getting your mom two boxes, because she’ll definitely want more after she tries her first cup. Buy on MyTeaDrop

#13 – Make the Ultimate Scrapbook


Scrapbooks are a commonly suggested mother’s day gift, but who actually takes the time to make them? If you have some pictures, a glue stick, and a couple of hours to put into it, you can make your mom the ultimate scrapbook. Alongside memorable pictures—it’s an especially nice touch if you have any from your childhood together with your mom—you can also include quotes, song lyrics, or write down stories about your memories from the time each picture was taken. The pictured scrapbook is 6.9 by 7.5 inches, a chic brown, and offers you 60 pages to make your mom feel nostalgic. Buy on Amazon

#12 – For the Caffeinated Mom: a Gorgeous French Press


All right, so this French press is nice. It looks a bit like something out of a steampunk hero’s kitchen, but your mom will just recognize it for its elegant copper-plated finish. If your mom can’t seem to start her day without a cup of coffee—or three—giving her this French press from Bodum will remind her of you every morning and give her the boost she needs. This is an especially good gift if your mom tends to brew her morning java with a traditional coffee maker, because French presses offer the opportunity to enjoy coffee that tastes very rich and robust. Crate And Barrel

#11 – Personalized Stepping Stones


Personalized gifts always tend to pack a little more weight than the standard ones, and these personalized stepping stones are the perfect example. The set is completed by a round stone with a heart cut out of it, and then each smaller, heart shaped stone can have a name (or anything else you want) on it—one for each of your mom’s children is a really beautiful touch. To go the extra mile, help your mom place these in her back yard or along the walkway to her house. Personal Creations

#10 – A Unicorn Mug for Your Whimsical Mom


If your mom can appreciate something silly (or maybe she just really likes unicorns, she is a girl after all), Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug is a really finely hand-made mug. Elwood’s little feet keep him sturdy on a tablet, and this looks absolutely hilarious—or cute, depending on who you ask. Designed by JoAnn Stratakos, a potter from the Pocono Mountains. This unicorn mug is made out of stoneware clay and therefore this tubby little unicorn is quite durable and resistant to chipping, meaning that your mom will be able to enjoy coffee or tea from it for years to come. Uncommon Goods

#9 – Get the Family Together for a Mother’s Day Tribute Video

Professional HD video camera in studio

If you have a camera cell phone, even a little bit of video editing experience, and some willing family members, making a tribute video for your mom on her special day can be an incredibly touching gift. Ask everyone to say a few words about your mom, cut in a slide show of pictures, and put your mom’s favorite music in the background—voila! 3-5 minutes of heart-melting Mother’s Day thoughtfulness. Bonus: ask your out of town relatives to record themselves on web cam and send you their thoughts for your mom too. But what if you don’t have video editing software? Shotcut is a free and open source video editor that’s easy to use and works on both Apple and Windows computers. Shotcut.org

#8 – Jane Austen Literary Candles

Jane Austen Literary Candles

Is your mom a bookworm? These “literary” candles are a unique concept—the scent is designed to evoke the aroma of the spirit of the author. The tin also includes a quote and comes packaged in an elegant box. The fragrance of this candle is a blend of jasmine, tuberose, and gardenia, and has a long-lasting burn time of 20 hours. Pair this with one of Jane Austen’s book for the perfect combination which your bookworm mom will love—we recommend the infinitely more interesting Emma rather than the obvious Pride and Prejudice. Buy on Amazon

#7 – For the Mom Who Doesn’t Yet Knit


Has your mom always expressed an interest in knitting, but never seemed to get around to it? Once the domain of grandmothers everywhere, this hobby has become surprisingly popular in recent years for younger women—so don’t worry about making your mom feel old. This kit comes with everything a beginner knitter needs to get started on the craft, including a handy guidebook, knitting needles, and a couple skeins of Merino wool. Buy on Purlsoho

#6 – Throw the Best Mother’s Day Party Ever

Throw the Best Mother's Day Party Ever

If your mom is the type who seems to already have all of the material stuff she wants, there’s something you can’t wrap in a bow: a fantastic party. If you start making calls now, you can get all of your family and friends to attend and surprise her. Ask that everyone brings a card or a gift, and then once everyone’s together have the guests say a few words. The goal of the party will be to show your mom how much you and everyone in the family appreciates her—and that’s priceless.

#5 – Warm Morning Coffee & Donuts… Every Day


Here’s another one for coffee-loving moms. The “Best. Morning. Ever. Mug” is a really cool concept that not only acts as a thermos to keep coffee warm, the removable wide lid also acts as a holder for donuts or other pastries. The lid also has openings for pouring coffee in and drinking from. Your mom will be able to have her coffee stay warmer longer, and warm up her donuts! For the perfect touch with this gift, get your mom a bag of gourmet coffee and a box of donuts, then share breakfast together. Buy on Amazon

#4 – Bzzz! Beehive Measuring Cups

Beehive Measuring Cups

Not only will your mom find these bee-themed measuring cups adorable, she’ll also find the way they stack up a convenient way to store them. Each measuring cup fits on top of the other to form a beehive, and the handles are the bees themselves. If your mom has a plastic set of measuring cups that sit in a drawer, this little beehive is the perfect replacement. It’s made out of ceramic, so that means it’ll be extra easy to clean. Buy on Amazon

#3 – Fun and Functional Upside Down Tomatoes

Upside Down Tomatoes

This Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter from Felknor Ventures is a really cool gift for a mom who loves gardening—or wishes she had time to garden. As it turns out, plants don’t actually have to grow straight up. The container included in this kit retains all of the soil the tomatoes need and has been designed to not leak. Help your mom hang it up on her back patio and be prepared to hear her rave about how good the tomatoes she grew herself taste. Buy on Amazon

#2 – Print Out Memories on the Go: Polaroid Snap

Polaroid Snap camera

The Polaroid Snap is a digital camera that’s similar in style and function to the old school style of Polaroid instant cameras—it’s a modern take on those cameras that would print out a picture right after you take it. Your mom will love taking pictures with this camera and instantly seeing the results. The pictures print out in less than a minute and are a cute 2 by 3 inches in size, making them perfect for her wallet or to stick on the refrigerator for a magnet. This camera is also quite easy to use too, so your mom doesn’t have to be a technological guru to work it. Beware: if you get this for your mom, be prepared to pose. Buy on Amazon

#1 – A Day at the Spa: The Perfect Gift?

A Day at the Spa

No matter how old your kids are, it’s hard work being a mom. She’s always thinking about you and there for you—so why not give her a day (or two!) of total relaxation? If you’re not the spa-going type, do a little research into the local spas in your area and try to find the best one. Get your mom the full care package including a massage, steam room visit, or mud bath, and if possible, get her a certificate to go to the spa on a day of her choice so that it doesn’t interfere with her schedule.