Laundry Pod Crank Powered Washing Machine

It’s tough to make a case for the Laundry Pod as a staple for homes which already have a washing machine.  Despite the promise of saving space, an appliance that can only clean six garments at a time doesn’t make that strong an argument for its existence.

Take it out of the home, though, and you’ve got yourself a contender.  Say, you’re slumming it outdoors in the wild or enjoying the waves on a boat — a small contraption to get you fresh laundry on a daily basis sure makes a lot of sense.

The Laundry Pod looks like a rice cooker and works like a salad spinner, except it cleans half a dozen items of clothing at a time.   Under the lid sits a circular wash system that needs only five gallons of water to clean each small batch, all while using no electricity in the process.  Of course, you’ll need to turn a crank on top for around three minutes, so it’s not really a hands-off deal.  You do the washing, rinsing and drying right on the same machine, spinning manually each time out.

Measuring 13 x 14 x 14 inches, the appliance is portable enough for dumping in the back of  your truck for an outdoor adventure.  It also makes sense as an on-hand laundry solution for places where a full-sized machine just isn’t in the cards, such as dorm rooms or small apartments, giving you a place to wash delicates and small items immediately without having to hand-wash stuff on the sink.

According to the product website, the Laundry Pod will launch in late Spring, with the price yet to be announced.

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