Lay Down The Internet Law With A Real Banhammer


Cops have badges.  Judges wear robes.  Magicians have wands.  Now, even forum moderators can be easily identified with their official equipment by patrolling their favorite websites while cocking a real-life Banhammer.  Kablam! You’re banned!

Styled like a regular sledge hammer with the word BAN carved out of the face (in reverse), the Banhammer should make abusing internet users more fun.  This thread breaks the TOS in so many places.  Kablam!  I’m putting an end to your senseless flamewars.  Kaboom!  No access for a week.  Haaaarggggh!

Artist Christopher Thompson came up with the creation, laser-building two matching  halves of the head using a 3D printer.  He welded both parts together, attaching the resulting slab to a wooden handle, so you can swing it around like you’re the Mighty Thor of the online domain.  Who would have thought that overseeing a Hello Kitty discussion forum can look so macho?

He posted the Banhammer’s design, along with instructions, over on his site so that forum moderators the world over can craft their own.  Of course, you need access to a 3D printer, so you can’t exactly wake up one morning and put one together.  Still, it looks hot enough to make forking out money for one worthwhile.

[Thingiverse via Technabob]