Lay Flat Office Chair Can Turn Into A Functional Cot

You can roll, spin and swivel that office chair all you want — there ain’t no way it’s ever going to be comfortable to sleep in.   If you want to catch a nap in the middle of the workday, best request whoever’s in charge to get one of this: the Lay Flat Office Chair.

During more productive times (you know, two hours a day), it can be used like any regular seating furniture, parking you comfortably at the desk and letting you roll from one cubicle to another.  The rest of the 9-hour workday, you can unfurl it into a comfy sleeping cot, supporting your supine body from head to foot.

The Lay Flat Office Chair goes from upright to flat in as short as 30 seconds.  To do so, simply recline the back all the way down and activate the leg support which flips out from under the seat.  The entire surface is decked in stiff black leather, which the website claims makes for an excellent surface whether you sit or lie down.

Both the reclining back and the flip-out support can be used independently, so you can  still sit in working mode while resting your feet in a snug position.  The only caveat?  There’s no way you can pretend you’re doing anything else when the boss catches you sleeping on this thing, which could still be a fair trade-off for the ultimate in cubicle comfort.

Japanese retailer Thanko has the Lay Flat Office Chair, priced at ¥49,800 (around  $600).