Lay-n-Go Is A Combo Playmat And Bag For Holding Small Toys

If you have kids (possible) or if you still act like a kid (most possible), then you know the mess all those little toys such as diecast cars and construction kits can make.  And cleaning up after a day of playing with them is just not fun.  The Lay-n-Go Construction Set Carrier offers some form of salvation.

Different folks have different solutions for dealing with toy debris.  Some folks clean up dutifully, putting all the toys inside a box after play.  Others restrict all the playing in a room that stays messy 24/7.  And some just leave it all to a higher power, turning a blind eye to all the Hot Wheels, toy bboys and LEGO bricks that litter all over the living room floor, hoping that the mess will someday sort itself out.  Regardless of where you sit in those list of options, you’ll find this toy cleanup solution particularly interesting.

The Lay-n-Go Construction Set Carrier is a combination activity mat and storage bag that makes for a neater, tidier way to play.  The idea is to do all your playing right within the confines of the mat while it’s opened up, so that when it comes time to close shop, you just need to cinch the whole thing up and stow away for another day.  Two models are available: a unit measuring 60 inches in diameter (you can sit right on the mat) and another measuring 18 inches for tabletop play.

Construction is denim for the outer, with water-repellant nylon inside the playing area.   The large one comes with four interior pockets measuring 7 x 6 inches apiece, so you can semi-organize the toys you put in.  It uses a nylon cord with lock for the closure.

Thinkgeek has the Lay-n-Go Construction Set Carrier, priced at $64.95 for the 60-inch version and $24.95 for the 18-incher.