Lazer Shirt Lets You Fashion Your Own Glow-In-The-Dark Designs

Things that glow in the dark are awesome.  Like these Adidas Glow Sneakers, these Diesel Glow Watches and this Glowing Crowbar.  Know what’s more awesome than glow in the dark, though?  Stuff that glow in the dark because you shot it with lasers.  That’s exactly what the Lazer Shirt does.

Yes, it’s a shirt that glows in the dark.  But that’s not all.  Instead of having a fixed print that gets lit up when you’re in a dark room, you actually get to design what shows up on the shirt.  And that’s what you use the lasers for.

The Lazer Shirt is an interactive tee with an invisible glow-in-the-dark coating out in front.  If you don’t use the laser on it, the shirt stays blank even in the dark, so you can use it like any regular white shirt in your closet.  To make a design, simply fire up the included ultraviolet laser, aim it at the shirt, and begin drawing whatever you want.  You can draw lines, trace shapes or recreate the Sistine Chapel if you’re up to the task, then have it show up once you enter a dark room.

When the UV light absorbed by the coating dissipates, the shirt goes back to being blank.  Yes, you can draw over it again and again until the original glow in the dark print peels away.  The product website says it’s just like regular screen print, so you can wash it, but they do recommend turning the shirt inside-out to minimize any damage to the print.

Thinkgeek has the basic white Lazer Shirt available for $24.99.  If you want other designs, you can check out the official website here.