Lazerwood Keys Add Wooden Tops To Your Apple Keyboards

We’re not actually sure whether wood offers a better tactile feel than plastic or metal.   What we do know is, these replacement Lazerwood Keys for Apple keyboards will quickly raise the class factor on your erstwhile sterile computing peripherals.

Available in either walnut or cherry wood, the tiles sit over your keyboard keys, giving you a more attractive typing surface to go with the rest of the classy wooden furniture in your work area.  I do wish they offered a wooden top to go over the rest of the keyboard’s bezel, but this should make for a stunning aesthetic overhaul all the same.

The Lazerwood Keys are available in three sets: one each for the Apple Extended Keyboard, the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Macbook Pro.  Each of the slim tiles is adhesive-backed, so you just have to stick them in place to set up.  All symbols on the keys are replicated in the individual tiles precisely using laser-cutting methods.

Do note you need to properly position each one individually before pressing to ensure you don’t end up with a messy keyboard layout.  It adheres firmly once pressed and will require very careful and deliberate prying to remove cleanly.  According to the product website, assembly time should be between 30 to 40 minutes.

You can get the Lazerwood Keys from the official website.  Price is $40 for the standard keyboards and $45 for the extended layout.

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