Lazy Basketball Chair: Your Living Room Is Now A Basketball Court

Sure, you can hang a couple of Nerf Hoops on the wall to bring a little shootout action to your home.  We doubt they’d look anywhere as impressive as the freestanding rings you can set up using these Lazy Basketball Chairs, though.

Designed by Emanuele Magine for Campeggi, it’s, basically, a basketball version of the Lazy Football Chair the same partnership created a couple years ago.  Instead of a net, however, it gets what looks to be a regulation-size basketball hoop, so you can practice your hook shots, layups, and jumpers without ever leaving the house.

The Lazy Basketball Chair features a structure crafted entirely in metal, so it will fit in just as well in the backyard as it does inside a bedroom.  Unlike the metal chairs in your mom’s garden, however, the backrest structure extends way up over 7 feet, ending with the hoop on top.  It uses the same woven material as the net for the backrest, creating a unique colorful aesthetic that’s going to make this chair a difficult sight to miss.  The chairs are finished in white, with the backrest covered in either red or yellow synthetic nets.

Best part?  At just a smidgen over 7 feet, you can totally bring this out to the driveway and hold a slamdunk contest for the neighborhood.  Plus, you can use the seat as prop to get even more height for your dunks.

Available from Panik Design, the Campeggi Lazy Basketball Chair retails for £676.

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