Lazy Days Hammock: Because Being Lazy Has To Be Easy


Hammocks are wonderful.  They hang on trees, they rock back and forth, and they make lounging in your backyard feel like a holiday in the tropics.  However, actually setting up a hanging bed of canvas sounds like hard work that defeats the very idea of spending the day idly.  The Lazy Days Hammock dispenses with all that difficulty.

Styled like a folding bed, it can compact into a portable bundle and collapse into a complete hammock, ready to lull you into a relaxing sleep.  No need to rope it around a post, find two perfectly-spaced trees or learn high-level knotting skills – just set the whole kit down and you’re ready to let the world pass you by.

The Lazy Days Hammock sports a soft but durable nylon bed attached to a collapsible steel frame.  It folds up to fit into a handy rucksack and weighs a mere 22lbs, allowing you to take it any place where it can prove of use, whether that be your backyard, the beach or the seldom-used meeting room in the office.  The setup is pretty sturdy, too, able to handle heavyweights of up to 250lbs.

Obviously, this is best paired with scantily-clad women dancing around you, while a pair of burly men fan you with giant palm leaves.  Since that isn’t likely to happen, you should just settle with a DO NOT DISTURB sign hung around around the frame while you rock on your cradle like a sleeping baby.

Lazy afternoons are definitely here to stay with the Lazy Days Hammock.  It’s a veritable bargain in relaxation for only £69.99.

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