LCD Monitor Hub Station Cleans Up Your Desk, Clutters Up Your Display

Everyone wants a clean desk.  With all sorts of knick-knacks finding their way into your daily cubicle activities, though, it’s usually a losing battle.  That is, unless you can find a nearby place to put all that clutter instead.  The LCD Monitor Hub Station has just the space.

Touted as  “the perfect solution to keep your desktop clean,” it allows you put the mess right along your monitor instead.  Pens, office supplies, USB cables and other thingamajigs strewn all over your desk will become a thing of the past — they’re now additional distractions sitting on the sides and bottom of your primary desktop display.

The LCD Monitor Hub Station can attach to monitors between 17 to 22 inches, provided they’re LCD, not those colored CRTs housed inside pudgy boxes.  It consists of three main parts: a document holder for the left side of the monitor, a three pocket  assembly on the right side and a four-port USB hub with a tray for the bottom.   All your hardcopy printouts and documents can go on the left side, the small trinkets on the right, and your mess of cables and gadgets right on the tray, making for a clutter-free desk where you can now sleep without drooling on any of your stuff.

Granted, the whole thing seems like it’s one way to turn a perfectly fine monitor into an ugly piece of office electronics.  Still, it’s an effective way of clearing out the desk without losing access to those things that clutter up your workspace.

Made by Thanko, the LCD Monitor Hub Station is available from  GeekStuff4U for ¥5,120 (around $60).

[GeekStuff4U via Dvice]