Le Grand Reinvents The Top Hat For The Modern Times


You like the towering grandeur of top hats, but wearing one with your everyday street attire just looks all manners of mismatched and ridiculous. The Le Grand, on the other hand, is still ridiculous, but it should play nice with the jersey, jeans, and sneakers you strut around in all day.

A hybrid between the baseball cap and the top hat, it’s every bit as inane as you imagine that merger to be. It takes the top hat’s high cylindrical crown and combines it with the baseball cap’s casual style, turning out a hat that looks like it belongs in the closet of Samuel Sterns or a cone-headed alien, along with the rest of their urban wardrobe (assuming, of course, they’re caught up with the times).


Just like top hats worn by stage magicians, you can use the Le Grand’s obscenely tall dimensions to hide a rabbit on your head, which you can pull out to surprise everyone in an entertaining sleight of hand. Heck, forget a rabbit, you can probably fit kittens in there. Of course, those kitties will probably scratch your head when they start feeling uncomfortable, so maybe you just stick with bunnies or, better yet, stuffed dolls. Those won’t even pee on you.


The snapback hats are made from 100 percent cotton twill, with a cobra logo near the top. Well, it’s supposed to be a stylized cobra, but actually ended up as an inverted triangle because… we’re not really sure. Maybe… illuminati?  Yeah, definitely the New World Order.


Only a black version of the Le Grand is currently planned for a run, pending funding from an ongoing Kickstarter project. If you want to get one of the first runs of this high-fashion (well, tall fashion, since it adds a few inches to your height) piece, you can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $38.

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