Le Naked Lunch: Gourmet Food In A Can


They say good food doesn’t come in cans.  At least, not the cans in my apocalypse supply kit.  If you’re up in Quebec, your experience with the canned gourmet offerings of Le Naked Lunch might skew your view the other way.

Made by real chefs who used to run a bistro near Montreal, the canned items go beyond your typical crappy canned stuff.   They got fancy French names, too, like Pâté Chinois Gieber and Choucroute Alsacienne.  While we don’t know if they’re any good, the canned dishes do make for an easy way to prepare fancy gourmet meals and fool dinner guests into thinking you made them (just drop the fancy names and pretend like it’s the tastiest thing ever — they’ll play along).

Le Naked Lunch currently cans four different dishes: English cottage pie with venison and corn, smoked fattened duck breast, Thaï soup with coconut milk and vegetables and Alsatian-style sauerkraut with beer.  For most of the food items, you drop the aluminum can in boiling water for several minutes and let it cool before sawing the lid open.  The sauerkraut requires a different preparation, however, being meant to be poured in a dish and cooked in an oven (definitely not for camping, unless you’ve got a portable outdoor oven).

The canned gourmet dishes are available directly from Le Naked Lunch by the case (12 cans each), as well as various retail places around Canada.  They ship anywhere in North America, with prices starting at $8.95 (Canadian).

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