Keep This Compact LED In Your Backpack Pouch For Emergency Lighting Needs


No, it’s not really compact enough to carry comfortably in a pants pocket. However, the LE Portable LED Camping Lantern does come in a size that should fit in any backpack pouch or purse, all while bringing enough light to support you through a whole load of different situations.

Designed for use as a camp light, the device should provide enough brightness to illuminate your surroundings at night, allowing you to prepare food, make fire, and do whatever needs doing around camp. No, it won’t keep things bright all night long, but for those few hours you need to do chores before tucking in, it will definitely do the trick.


The LE Portable LED Camping Lantern comes in a semi-circular shape with flat surfaces and non-slip rubber points at the top and bottom, so it stays in place when you set it down, all while measuring just 2.8 x 2.5 inches (height x diameter), ensuring it will fit inside any exterior pouch on your bag for easy access. It comes fitted with a LED light that shines 280 lumens at full power, which should be enough to let you get things done after sundown, whether it’s preparing dinner, changing a flat tire, or preparing your gear for the next morning. Do note, it only lasts five hours when shining at full power, although you can stretch it to 11 hours at half power (140 lumens) and 10 hours at SOS mode (250 lumens, blinking).

Magnets on the base allow you to stick it to ferrous metal surfaces, making it quite the handy work light when fixing your car, while two flip-out metal loops on the same position lets you hang it on hooks and branches for strategic placement. That gives you a good load of options for adjusting the light’s angle, since you can stick it, hang it, and even set it down at different positions.


The LE Portable LED Camping Lantern is powered by a 3000 mAh battery, which also doubles as a power bank that you can plug into to give your phone, tablet, and any other mobile device a quick boost of power. An included microUSB cord is wrapped around the light’s frame, so there’s no need to carry an extra one in your bag, ensuring you can use it to charge your devices any time the need comes up. When drained, the battery can be fully recharged in five hours.


It has an IPX4 rating for water and dust resistance, so you can bring it outdoors with full confidence, with the USB slot coming with a cross-shaped plug to help avoid dust and water from getting inside during times it’s not in use. The control button, by the way, is situated on the base where it’s totally out of the way during use, with a row of four blue indicator lights right under it showing how much power is left.

Want one? The LE Portable LED Camping Lantern is available now.

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