Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler: Get Your Sweet Fix Without Gaining Weight


Guilty pleasures are hard to resist, even when they’re really bad for you.  Decadently sweet chocolates are especially notorious for wreaking havoc on innumerable diets and attempts at losing weight.

Harvard professor David Edwards knows it’s hard to refuse a succulent piece of chocolate treat when it’s staring you in the face, so he came up with something that’s supposed to leave you just as satiated in its place.  Called the Le Whif, it’s chocolate that you consume by sucking chocolate-flavored air into your mouth, like a whistle in reverse (a move they call the whiff).

Scheduled to launch towards the end of April, the Le Whif is an inhaler that lets you enjoy the pleasures of chocolate, without having to take a single bite.  Since you’re not eating, you’re not consuming a single calorie, resulting in zero weight gain.   Edwards claims that the product can help curb your appetite for the sweet treat when you feel the craving for it, apart from being a great taste to go with your morning coffee.


If the product proves successful, expect Edwards and his Art And Science Innovation Center in central Paris to come up with other breathing-based culinary creations.  Le Whif is sold by the box (24 inhalers each) and can be bought online for around $50.

LeWhif via Coolhunting