If You’re Going Camping In The Coldest Place On Earth, The Leaf House Version 3 Is The Mobile Cabin You’ll Want To Live In


You want a mobile home that you can tow with a truck for enjoying life on the road, but you also want your home to look like an actual house. Yes, that means those awesome Airstream Trailers just won’t suffice. Oh yeah, you also want to camp in sub-zero temperatures.  What to do? Apparently, you’re not quite out of luck because this Leaf House Version 3 exists.

Unlike most portable homes, this doesn’t look like a trailer whatsoever. In fact, it looks more like the kind of cabin an outdoorsman will keep as a vacation spot deep in the woods, a place he could run to when he gets the urge to hunt, forage, and do whatever it is people do when there’s no internet for miles.


As the name implies, the Leaf House Version 3 is the third generation of the Canadian outfit’s made-to-order portable home, with its earlier iterations having been available since 2011. Unlike the first two, this one’s a bit smaller at 16 feet (versus 20 feet for its predecessors), although it receives reinforcements in the insulation department. Simply put, this prefab home is designed to keep its inhabitants toasty in the dead of winter, with cold climate innovations that allow it to shrug off -50 degrees Celsius weather. How? The mobile home’s walls are reinforced using Panasonic’s Vacuum-Insulated Panels, which boast an insulation value of R60 per inch of thickness, along with quad-pane windows and a compact heat recovery ventilator.


Despite its impressive insulation capabilities, they’ve managed to keep the weight at under 500 pounds, a feat achieved by using alternative materials for the actual living space. For instance, they use foam board with concrete coating for the kitchen counter, foam wrap as sheathing, concrete mesh rainscreen siding, and other lightweight interior finishes. Other features include a pull-out Murphy bed, a fold-out sofa, a full-service bathroom, and an efficiently-designed kitchen.

No word on exact date when the Leaf House Version 3 will be available for purchase, but price is expected to fall somewhere north of $40,000.

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