LeanBag Backpack Can Stand Upright At All Times, So You Can Use It As A Backrest


It’s not unusual to try to use your backpack as a backrest when plopping down on the ground. Problem is, there’s no guarantee it’s going to stay upright, unless you lean it against something secure, like a post or a wall. That won’t be the case with the LeanBag.

Designed to be used as an impromptu seat with backrest, the backpack comes with a kickstand to ensure it stays upright, along with a roll-out pad that serves as a seat, so you don’t have to park your butt on bare ground. Whether for sitting on the side of the road while backpacking, by the side of the trail when hiking, or on the campus grounds to cram for an exam in two hours, this bag lets you use it as functional seat that both supports your back and keeps your pants clean.


The LeanBag is an erstwhile ordinary backpack with a boxy rectangular profile, so it won’t look like you’re walking around with a weird chair on your back. It comes with a dual-zippered opening that allows you to expose the bag’s full main chamber, allowing you to organize your stuff inside with the same precision as you would on a suitcase. Of course, you can also just open the bag partially from the top, making it easy to retrieve items without having to open the whole thing and letting people get a peek of some of the embarrassing stuff you’re carrying in there. That main compartment, by the way, has an 18-liter capacity, complete with a laptop pouch (up to 15 inches), a tablet sleeve, and an accessory pocket.

Apart from the main compartment, the bag has a quick-access pocket on top for things you’ll want to grab in a jiffy (like your wallet or phone) and a small secret pocket on the side. Yep, it’s not that generous when it comes to exterior pockets, which should be good for those who like their bags with an uncluttered aesthetic.


The LeanBag’s biggest feature, of course, is its ability to serve as an unraised seating tool, which comes courtesy of the aluminum frame that runs along the sides and bottom of the bag. When folded towards the front of the bag, it’s able to function as a kickstand, allowing the bag to bear your weight while you lean your back against it. A roll-out protective pad serves as a ground cover, allowing you to sit on dirty or damp ground without getting any of it on your pants. Of course, we’d still prefer a raised chair, but if you’re not up to carrying a portable chair with you, this thing should do the trick nicely.


The frame, by the way, is permanently attached to the back, so it will have to stay there whether you plan on using it as a back rest or not, while the roll-out pad can be detached if you’ve got something else to sit on. Other features include water-repellent nylon-polyester construction, a 1.8-kg weight, brass hardware, and four color options.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the LeanBag. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $78.

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